Westend Bank is one of Europe's leading asset financing companies. For almost 90 years, our bank has been providing sophisticated, specialist financing. Today, our focus is unlocking capital from high-value assets: contemporary art, classic cars and real estate developments.

Our approach is rare. It starts with our belief that asset financing appears easy to do but is hard to do well. From that belief, we set out to combine two things: the best of tailor-made financing, and deep expertise in the markets in which we operate.

For us, that means a traditional, stable bank with a strong private ownership structure.

The results are effective – asset-backed loans which in some instances can include the option to retain possession of the assets.

By providing an excellent service, built on clarity and fairness, we build long-term relationships with our clients – relationships shaped by confidentiality, trust and mutual respect.

Financing Process

  1. Apply
    You contact our experts to discuss your assets
  2. Analyse
    We value your assets and structure a loan tailored to your needs
  3. Transfer
    After approval, you receive the loan under the agreed terms

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    About Westend Bank

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