Building Ambitions

Real Estate Financing for Residential Developers

Building Ambitions

In today's competitive residential real estate markets, the ability to secure financing at short notice and on flexible terms gives property developers an edge. Their businesses benefit from our awareness that every deal is unique and requires a tailored service to capitalise on commercial opportunities as they arise.

We have extensive experience of providing financial support for a wide range of investment, construction and development transactions. These involve buying, building and refurbishing residential properties throughout Germany, including the preservation of listed buildings.

Property developers come to Westend Bank because we understand the challenges and opportunities in this demanding sector as well as for our commitment to a relationship-driven approach. We meet their short-term liquidity needs, especially at the beginning of their projects, by providing flexible solutions and bridge loans.

Key Features

  • Competitive and transparent secured loans for commercial developers of residential property projects in Germany.
  • A fast and efficient financing process.
  • Full transparency on loan terms and costs.
  • Valuations by independent experts working closely with our in-house property specialists.
  • A relationship-driven approach and flexibility to fulfil customers' needs.
  • Loans starting from €200,000.
Marcus Kruber
Marcus Kruber
Head of Credit
Telephone +49 30 300 683 71

Marcus Kruber is Head of Credit and has been working for Westend Bank since 2010. Previously he was a Director at Bankhaus Oswald Kruber. Marcus has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Berlin.

Financing Process

  1. Apply
    You contact our experts to discuss your project and provide all necessary documents
  2. Analyse
    We assess your situation and structure a loan tailored to you
  3. Transfer
    After approval, you receive the loan under the agreed terms

Case Studies