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Classic car financing for collectors and dealers

Cash for classics

Westend Bank is ideally placed to solve the financial needs of classic car collectors and dealers. Our financial structures unlock the capital from their prestigious vehicles using secured loans.

Clients come to us to build on existing collections and take advantage of commercial opportunities. Car dealers and institutional owners may also benefit from the ability to retain possession of the vehicles throughout the lifetime of the loan.

With an extensive knowledge of the industry, we share the passion of our clients and work closely with them as a strong financial partner.

Key Features

  • Asset-backed loans secured against classic and prestigious cars at competitive rates.
  • An efficient financing process.
  • Valuations by independent experts.
  • Safe storage at a fully secured and insured location.
  • Classic car dealers and institutional collectors may be able to retain possession.
  • A relationship-driven approach and tailor made solutions.
  • Loan to value ratio of up to 50%.
  • Terms of six months up to two years with the possibility to extend.
  • Loans starting from €50,000.
Jan Engel
Jan Engel
Director of Classic Car Financing
Telephone +49 30 300 683 19

Jan Engel is Director of Classic Car Financing working closely with classic car dealers and collectors. Previously he was the Head of Sales at Classic Trader, an international online platform for buying and selling classic vehicles. Throughout his life, Jan has been a classic car enthusiast. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the Freie Universität Berlin.

Financing Process

  1. Apply
    You contact our experts and provide the required documentation
  2. Analyse
    We value your vehicles and structure a loan tailored to your needs
  3. Transfer
    After approval, you receive the loan under the agreed terms

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